Thrive Market Announces SNAP EBT Acceptance and Launch

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Los Angeles, California (March 7th, 2024) — Thrive Market, the healthy and sustainable online grocery store, proudly announces its acceptance of SNAP EBT, making it the first-ever online-only retailer to receive USDA approval.

After nearly a decade of advocating, this marks a significant milestone in the brand's mission to make healthy and sustainable living easy and affordable for everyone. “Thrive Market’s SNAP EBT acceptance is a groundbreaking move in making healthy groceries more accessible and affordable," says Nick Green, Thrive Market Co-Founder and CEO. “Our acceptance will redefine how Americans can access healthy options, irrespective of their geography, with deliveries directly to their door.”Starting February 26, SNAP EBT will be accepted on Thrive Market in the contiguous United States. All EBT cardholders who join Thrive Market as new members are eligible for a free membership, granting access to healthy essentials on the online platform at prices up to 30 percent below retail, and will join a community of more than 1.4 million members. EBT cardholders can purchase healthy and sustainable products, from pasture-raised meat to organic pantry staples.“Millions of individuals now have access to healthier foods that suit their dietary needs because SNAP EBT is now accepted on our platform,” reports Sasha Siddhartha, Thrive Market’s co-founder and CTO. “Nearly 85 percent of people who live at or below the poverty line have internet access, making it possible to get healthy groceries via online delivery — and this acceptance breaks down the barrier for the people who need it most.”

Today, SNAP EBT recipients can sign up for their new Thrive Market membership at, enter their EBT card number and PIN, and instantly access more than 5,000 of the highest-quality organic and sustainable products.

“We’re proud to partner with Thrive Market to enable over 42 million Americans receiving government assistance to purchase healthy groceries online," said Ofek Lavian, co-founder and CEO of Forage, the mission-driven payments company powering Thrive Market’s acceptance of SNAP EBT. “Until recently, SNAP benefits could only be used in-store. With 1 in 5 SNAP recipients on disability and 17.1M living in food deserts, these shoppers stand to benefit the most from grocery delivery. Thrive Market’s acceptance of SNAP EBT marks a monumental step forward on our joint mission of expanding healthy food options for all Americans.” Founded in 2014, Thrive Market celebrates its 10th anniversary this year. After nearly a decade of collaborating with the USDA, the recent decision marks a significant stride in making healthy and sustainable living easy and affordable for everyone.

About Thrive Market

Thrive Market, Inc. was founded in 2014 with a mission to make healthy and sustainable living easy and affordable for everyone. As an online, membership-based market (1.4M members), Thrive Market delivers the highest quality, healthy, and sustainable products at member-only prices. At the same time, every annual membership sponsors a free membership for a student, teacher, veteran, nurse, first responder, or a family in need. Thrive Market carries a hyper-curated catalog of organic and non-GMO products and offers 90+ filters and values, allowing you to shop by diet and lifestyle. The brand’s social impact arm, Thrive Gives, has raised more than $13M since its inception to fund food access and environmental sustainability causes. Thrive Market has been carbon neutral since 2014; in 2020, it became the largest online grocer in the U.S. to be a Certified B Corporation, and in 2023, it converted to a Public Benefit Corporation. By 2025, Thrive Market is committed to becoming carbon negative and the world’s first climate-positive grocer. Visit or follow @ThriveMarket to learn more.

About Forage

Forage builds payments infrastructure that processes government benefits, starting with enabling merchants to accept SNAP EBT payments online, and allowing the 42 million Americans who receive government assistance to digitally purchase their groceries. Forage is the only USDA-approved third-party payment processor (TPP) that offers their partners best-in-class software combined with dedicated service, enabling complex government payments online and guiding retailers through USDA authorization. For more information visit

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