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Forage is a USDA approved third-party payment processor (TPP) and a PIN provider that authenticates and processes EBT transactions.
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Let's equalize food

One in eight Americans receive government assistance to buy their weekly groceries. However, until recently, recipients have been unable to use their benefits to purchase groceries online.


  • People who rely on EBT (Electronic Benefit Transfers) can't access the convenience of online shopping

  • Grocers without an online presence are unable to reach all of their potential customers

  • Currently, fewer than 100 grocers in America can accept EBT online

Expand your services, grow your market

Since March 2020, online grocery shopping has increased exponentially. By 2025, online grocery shopping will swell to 21.5% of total U.S. grocery sales, more than doubling its current share of the overall market.

Remove barriers for everyone's benefit

Currently participate in SNAP and other benefit programs
 SNAP & other government assistance issued annually via EBT

Remove barriers for everyone's benefit

+27% in SNAP benefits for recipients in the past year– the largest increase in history
Fewer than 100 grocers
currently accept EBT online. Forage is here to help.

The Forage solution

We partner with grocers, platforms, and government agencies

  • To expedite grocers receiving approval from the USDA to accept online EBT payments

  • To build a seamless API so grocers can accept EBT payments through their site

No matter the size of your company—if you're online-only, brick-and-mortar or at the farmer's market—we'll get you set up to serve your entire community.

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Forage integrates with your existing e-commerce website.

Government approval

Forage guides you through getting approval to process EBT payments online.


Forage abides by the latest PCI compliance standards for all transactions.

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