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Forage is a mission-driven payments company that helps merchants accept EBT SNAP payments through a single, unified API.

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Why doing good is good for business.

Why doing good is good for business.

42M People

More than 1 in 8 Americans receive government benefits through programs like SNAP, formerly known as food stamps.


$200B+ USD

Billions of dollars are distributed annually by the U.S. government in benefit programs such as SNAP, TANF (EBT Cash), and many others.


>300x Increase

Since 2019, the number of SNAP households using their benefits online has increased from 35 thousand to over 12 million (and counting!).


15%+ Growth

Merchants grow their sales by 15% or more when they enable EBT SNAP and EBT Cash payments with Forage.


Grow your business with Forage.

With our leading API and SDKs, you are only an integration away from unlocking new revenue streams and enabling EBT payments.

Proven Reliability

We are the only cloud-based EBT payment provider with 99.9% reliability and public status page.

Pre-Built Components

Deliver seamless checkouts for your customers, without the code or integration hassle.

Rapid Certification

Get approved by the USDA, in a fraction of the time, with our in-house team of SNAP experts.


Forage is one of three payment providers approved by the USDA to process EBT payments.

Safe & Secure

Protect your business and customers with our PCI-compliant fraud layer and leading anti-fraud solutions.

Real-Time Analytics

Scale your EBT business with our configurable merchant dashboard, purpose-built for your specific needs.

Built by developers, for developers.

Websites and apps are built on all kinds of tech stacks. With Forage, your engineers can pick the integration option and SDK that best suits your existing infrastructure.

1curl --request POST \ 
2     --url \ 
3     --header 'Authorization: Bearer prod_vOrumiuRFG7ouMoZNF8AeFNwMhZRET' \ 
4     --header 'Idempotency-Key: 123e45678' \ 
5     --header 'Merchant-Account: 1234567' \ 
6     --header 'accept: application/json' \ 
7     --header 'content-type: application/json' \ 
8     --data ' { "amount": 25.99, "payment_method": "ac47392bb1", "funding_type": "ebt_snap", "customer_id": "e8819a107a50aa50771a075e25a7529421ad0267bfef691745f915d8a2acc7e9" }
1const forage = Forage({
2  fnsNumber: FNS_NUMBER,
3  sessionToken: SESSION_TOKEN,
4  customerId: CUSTOMER_ID,
6const tokenizeEbtCardElement = forage.create("ebt_card_tokenize_number");
7try {
8  const tokenizedEbtCardResult = await forage.tokenizeEbtCardNumber(
9    tokenizeEbtCardElement
10  );
11  // ...
12} catch (error) {
13  // handle error
1private let panNumberTextField: ForagePANTextField = {
2  let tf = ForagePANTextField()
3  tf.placeholder = 'PAN Number'
4  return tf
8  bearerToken: bearerToken,
9  merchantAccount: merchantID,
10  customerID: customerID
11) { result in
12  // handle callback here
1val response = ForageSDK.tokenizeEBTCard(
2  merchantAccount = merchantAccount,
3  bearerToken = bearer,
4  // NOTE: The following line is for testing purposes only and should not be used in production.
5  // Please replace this line with a real hashed customer ID value.
6  customerId = UUID.randomUUID().toString()
9when(response) {
10  is ForageApiResponse.Success -> {
11    val adapter: JsonAdapter < PaymentMethod > = moshi.adapter(
12    val result = adapter.fromJson(
13    _paymentMethod.value = result
14  }
15  is ForageApiResponse.Failure -> {
16    _error.value = response.message
17  }

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