Payments Powering People: Reintroducing Forage

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We’re excited to unveil Forage’s new brand identity, and reflect on the journey ahead.

San Francisco, California (July 10, 2023)Forage was founded with one mission in mind: to democratize access to government benefits. We do so by building payments infrastructure that processes benefits like SNAP, bringing digital payments to the distribution of food assistance. We view ourselves as a bridge between business, government, and benefits recipients, partnering with grocers of all sizes to enable and accept EBT SNAP online. Our mission has always centered around feeding families, and closing the gap between merchants and the 42 million Americans receiving government assistance to purchase affordable, healthy food online.

Fundamentally, we believe our brand should capture our company’s mission, values, and culture. We wanted our identity to not only reflect our mission of feeding more families, but to also represent our life-long commitment to our partners in providing best-in-class software and service. Check out our new website to see Forage in action, and how we help merchants of all shapes and sizes serve their communities nationwide.

Our Logo

Our logo visually highlights Forage’s value proposition and commitments. The Forage logo consists of a bridge and its reflection below, with the white space in-between symbolizing the ‘transaction’, or completed step, that connects diverse stakeholders and communities together. This represents our commitment to ‘bridge’ the gap between the public and private sectors, and unlock innovation that feeds families and democratizes access to government benefits.

Our Brand Color

Green is the color of health, wealth, and growth. At our core, we at Forage believe that everyone should have access to affordable, healthy food. Food means so much to so many cultures and communities, and access to nutrition shouldn’t be challenging. We want to play our part in equalizing access to food, and serve those in need.

Green also evokes a sense of optimism. While we know the road ahead of us is complex and not without hurdles, we remain optimistic and excited in our ability to solve tough problems through innovation and technology. And we’re only just getting started.

What’s Next for Forage

With our new brand and identity, we’re introducing a new look across all mediums - such as our new website, social media, advertising, and more. We will continue to build best-in-class products, and enable seamless, safe, and secure payments solutions and experiences for all our partners.

As everyday Americans struggle with the realities of food insecurity and inflation, we remain deeply committed to our mission and promise. Together, let’s democratize access to government benefits, and build payments powering people.


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