Homesome Partners with Forage to Accept EBT SNAP Payments Online

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SAN JOSE, CA (SEPT. 19, 2023) Homesome, the all in one e-commerce platform, today announced a partnership with payments processor Forage to launch SNAP as a payment method. Through this partnership, Homesome plans to launch SNAP with LaBonne’s Markets and expand to additional merchants over the next 12 months.

With more people continuing to turn to SNAP benefits to supplement their grocery budgets, independent grocers are playing a critical role in ensuring access to healthy, affordable food in their communities. Further, as SNAP households continue to face accessibility challenges - one in five SNAP recipients has a disability, and 14 million low-income Americans live in food deserts - adoption of digital grocery shopping is steadily increasing.

“We’re very excited to bring SNAP as a payment method to our Homesome merchants,” says Rahul Chabukswar, Homesome CEO and Founder. “Unlocking this capability has a direct impact on the customers and communities they serve, and we couldn’t be more proud to play a part.”

Homesome is partnering with San Francisco based payments company, Forage, which has enabled several independent grocers to accept SNAP online, including the nation’s first food hub. Forage is the only USDA-approved third party payment processor that offers best-in-class software combined with a dedicated team of in-house experts to guide retailers through the USDA authorization process.

“When choosing who to work with to enable EBT SNAP online it was an easy decision,” says Rahul. “When you partner with Forage, you get superior technology and extensive knowledge of USDA’s approval process, but for a business like Homesome, a platform hosting many different grocery merchants, Forage’s streamlined process for onboarding additional merchants was the determining factor. Forage is the only player in the space that has a scalable solution.”

“We’re thrilled to partner with Homesome to enable EBT SNAP for their merchants,” says Ofek Lavian, CEO and co-founder of Forage. “Homesome’s turnkey solution, from inventory management to delivery automation, makes it easier for grocery businesses to serve shoppers and grow. Enabling EBT SNAP online is an expansion of Homesome’s capabilities, and demonstrates their commitment to feeding families and improving access to healthy, affordable food.”

About Forage

Forage builds payments infrastructure that processes government benefits, starting with enabling merchants to accept EBT SNAP payments online, and allowing the 42 million Americans who receive government assistance to digitally purchase their groceries. Forage is the only USDA-approved third-party payment processor (TPP) that offers their partners best-in-class software combined with dedicated service, enabling complex government payments online and guiding retailers through USDA authorization. For more information visit

About Homesome

Homesome, headquartered in San Jose, CA, is an e-commerce platform company that empowers grocery stores to seamlessly replicate their unique in-store experience online. Homesome’s all-in-one e-commerce platform facilitates online success for grocery stores, catering to their distinct needs and requirements. Since the launch of its grocery e-commerce platform in June 2018, the company has experienced remarkable growth, solidifying its position as a leading force in the industry. For more information, please visit

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